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Specialized Evaluations

We work closely with specialists to perform custom specialized evaluations throughout the state of Michigan. Standardized assessments are performed with each evaluation.

Home Attendant Care Evaluation

To assess and provide recommendations regarding environmental, physical, and psychosocial limitations to increase safety and independence performing any home-based tasks.

Home & Job Site Modifications

As people go about completing tasks in their homes or at work on a daily basis, it is important that the environment be well-designed and allow for the greatest degree of independence, productivity, and safety. When the environment does not “fit” the individual living or working in it, modifications can be made to facilitate independence, health, safety, and well-being. Changes also can be made for older adults with aging related concerns and people of all ages with disabilities to accommodate their uniques health related challenges. A home modified for greater accessibility that promotes energy conservation and helps prevent falls and other in-home injuries increases the likelihood that clients can remain at home while “aging in place.”

Therapists have expertise and training in recommending environmental modifications, durable medical and adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and work strategies in every room in the home that helps a person complete daily tasks effectively and efficiently no matter the degree of his or her ability. These strategies can help people live and work independently for many years.

Computer Access & Erogonomic Work Stations

The aim of a computer and ergonomic workstation evaluation is to identify specific assistive technology solutions that will enhance lost or limited physical, cognitive, or visual skills in order for an individual to access and utilize a computer at home, work, school, or in the community.

People of all ages spend many hours every day sitting at a desk or in front of a computer while they work and then go home to surf the Internet for pleasure or catch up with friends and family through e-mail and instant messaging, social media, and video conferencing (is this the correct term?). How people are positioned while seated, and how they use the computer equipment can affect not only comfort, but also their health, productivity, and well-being.

Therapists are trained to perform an “ergonomic” evaluation to determine how well a person and his or her environment mesh together. A person who does not sit correctly or strains to use a computer may suffer back and neck pain and eyestrain. Most computer equipment and workstations are built generically to fit people of all ages and body types and few (if any) adjustments can be made to a “one-size-fits-all work area necessary to promote a healthy lifestyle free of pain. Ergonomic workstations, on the other hand, provide the foundation upon which a computer, its peripheral components, and clerical tools can be easily accessed. Providing clients with the means to access computers and computer related devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) can promote significant functional gains for individuals with and without disabilities. Knowledgeable therapists and technicians deliver and set up accessible computer workstations and educate clients on work simplification and energy conservation concepts both in person and over the Internet, which results in optimal levels of efficiency, comfort, independence, and satisfaction.

Environmental Control

Environmental control units (ECUs) or Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) enable people to realize enhanced independence and safety at home, school, and work. With the right assistive technology a person can independently turn a light, radio, and television on and off, answer or initiate a phone call, adjust a thermostat, activate an emergency or attendant call device, and unlock and open a door, to name a few! Users operate these systems via switches, voice activation, touch sensitive screen, head pointer, or eye gaze technology, for example.


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